A surge in the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States is straining the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals across the country. The purpose of this site is to help connect hospitals and healthcare professionals with their local communities. Let's do our part to provide our healthcare professionals the equipment they need to fight COVID-19.


We have a GoFundMe page here at Help in the purchasing of PPE for hospitals and healthcare workers on the frontlines!

Looking for ways to help?

  • 3/30 - Please check out our new Corporate Donors page for some of our donors and partners.

  • 3/29 - We are proud to partner with NIO-US and Citizens of Humanity on our San Jose, and Los Angeles distribution centers! These distribution centers will help us receive and distribute critical PPE to the front lines.

  • 3/28 - We've worked with Great Company to donate masks to hospitals in LA!

  • 3/26 - One of our members, James from NH, generously donated 3,760 3M N95 masks to us! We will be shipping these masks to five NYC area hospitals this week. For more information, check out our blog!

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  • Instagram is a partnership between engineers, UCSF COVID Student Aid, and medical students across the country. Our mission is to ensure that healthcare professionals in the United States have access to the adequate protection they need to fight against COVID19. 

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